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questionnaire The past two years I have been blogging about PLM, with a special focus on the mid-market. My previous post was about PLM selection (which PLM to choose) and thanks to Oleg (How To Choose PLM? (Visual guide)) this became a broader discussion. It made me realize that although we are all talking about PLM, I am not sure if we all have the same opinion about the mid-market.

To be aligned my previous definition of the mid-market:

Mid market company: For me the definition of a mid-market company does not have to do with revenue or the amount of people working for this company. I characterize a mid-market company as a company, where everyone has a focus on the company’s primary process. There is no strategic layer of people, who are analyzing the current business and defining new strategies for the future. In addition, the IT-staff is minimal, more seen as an overhead than as strategic. Mid-market companies have their strength in being flexible and reacting fast on changes, which might contradict with a long term strategic approach.


Now I am curious about your opinion. Therefore I published a small questionnaire on a Belgium website, to get a quick feedback and I am looking forward to your response. Although I do not consider it as scientific research, your (anonymous) response will enable me review my opinion and to focus on some specific topics.

Please take the time so answers this questionnaire from the link below:

PLM for the mid-market – your opinion

Thanks for your feedback and I will publish the results end of October

Jos Voskuil



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