JOS2014PLM is about knowledge sharing and as a true believer of sharing I started this blog, reflecting my activities in the PLM world. As a coach, as a business consultant with a focus on mid-market companies, where I assist PLM implementers and customers in their stepped approach towards PLM.

In adition I became an advocate for PLM technology in non-traditional industries for PLM: The Oil & Gas industry, the Energy sector, Construction and Civil. They all can learn from PLM practices and technology – both owners & operator or EPC companies.

In the past I have been implementing data management and PDM systems, later mainly ENOVIA, initially in the Netherlands and later in Europe and even further.

Since 2001 I am working on bringing the customer experiences back to the development teams and partners. This global role helped me a lot to work with customers and colleagues in different countries. The world has become a virtual PLM space with various cultures and people (French, Israeli, American, German, Japanese, English, Swedish,etc. etc).

And a Virtual Dutchman who observed it all

The content included in my blog is my own personal opinion, experience and thoughts and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of my employer in the past, present or future. I may choose to moderate comments as I find appropriate in order to maintain the content within my view of good taste, however the comments are the opinions of their respective authors. No warranties or other guarantees are made as to the accuracy or quality of the opinions or any other content offered herein.