Friends, this is the first evening that there is no soccer on television for two weeks. So I have time to write something.

Currently, I am preparing my session for PI Apparel 2014 in London on 15/16 July. Last year´s PI Apparel was a discovery for me as the audience was so different compared to classical PLM conferences. Of course, the products might be not as complex, but the time to market needs and, therefore, the need to work as fast and concurrent as possible is a huge differentiator. See my post from last year´s conference here: The weekend after PI Apparel 2013

In a way, PLM for apparel companies is more data-centric than some of the original industries where PLM was born. In the traditional way, file management and document sharing were the initial drivers.

At this years conference, I will talk about the needed change in the way people work that comes with a PLM implementation.  I will share the full story plus my observations in my next post end of July.

Before that, I have a question to all readers of this blog who are working for a company that has implemented or starts implementing PLM to answer two questions from the survey below. The answers will help me to confirm my prejudgments or change my mind.

So if you have some time between the soccer matches, please respond to the survey below if you qualify:


Click here to answer a quick survey before PI Apparel


Thanks and enjoy the upcoming matches